A project based band

Last Son of Eve is a project based band. To prevent a certain oblivion after some time, LSOE will exist as long as needed in the current line-up. The goal is to release different concept albums and matching shows each time. The first concept album refers to the Fantasy story “Bodec” and can be seen as a pilot. Although LSOE will see how far this adventure will take them, there will be a beginning and an ending to the current concept. The band will pick up a new project if things are falling into place but more importantly: if the fun is still there to do so.

What’s in a name?      

Last Son of Eve has a two way explanation when it comes to the project’s name. The first one refers to Steef’s mother whose name is truly Eve. He is the seventh and last son out of seven boys. The other explanation is based on a more biblical theme. Last Son of Eve stands for the last generation in the pedigree of all mankind born out of Eve. The last line in the long string of generations who inherited the guilt of sin. Are we doomed by this condemnation or is there a way out of this?

A lot of lyrical content of the LSOE songs are based on that one million dollar question approached from different and recognizable angles.