Based on the Fantasy book “Bodec” LSOE will perform the story in a total concept with the album “Gathering Stones” and their live shows. The album will randomly highlight some crucial moments of the story about this young boy (Bodec) who’s growing up in an ancient and strange world. The reader is joining him on his confusing quest for who to serve: the ultimate evil or a good and righteous king who’s gonna save the world? Despite this cliché, the story is mainly focussing on Bodec’s inner battle. Because for each of these choices he will pay a very high price. In an attempt to escape any choice he ends up on the other side of his world. It seems that fate is haunting him and that there’s no place to hide the inevitable. This epic story is treating life questions we all have to face when the harsh reality forces itself upon us. Besides that, it’s an exciting Fantasy story.
At first, the plan was to publish this story as a trilogy and the first part was already published in Dutch  

(Bodec-The Tamed Revenge) in 2016 by a Dutch publisher. This title is no longer in stores. The complete story will be now translated and published as one edition and no longer as a trilogy. When published, you can purchase it as a hardcover but also as an e-reader version. Both will be available via the website. We are working hard on the English translation at the moment. The book will be only published in English.

Gathering Stones
Gathering Stones will be the title of LSOE’s first concept album. The title is based on a passage from the book were Bodec is struggling on how to express his deepest frustration. In that specific part he’s gathering stones to throw them to the ones he hold responsible for his situation. We also believe that this title reflects a common feeling amongst those who are not feeling heard or find themselves in desperate situations. Just like the book, the album will be offered as a full length cd as well as a downloadable version. The music for the album will be a mix of ambient, progrock, industrial and avant-garde pieces against a strong theatrical background.  

Releases and teasers
The album “Gathering Stones” is gonna be available in April/May of 2019. The single “The North is Burning” will be released by the end of September 2018. When it comes to the book “Bodec”, depending on how things will evolve with the translation and publishing, the goal is to launch a hardcover soon after the album release. We’re keeping you posted on that one.