A tad of history

After a solo career of almost two decades, Steef Broekhof was forced to take a long sabbatical because of health issues. It took him almost five years to get back on track and came up with the idea to work on a concept album which was based on the Fantasy story “Bodec” he wrote. The birth of Last Son of Eve took place in 2015 as a one man’s project with the ambient/avant-garde single “Vanity”. But demo’s and blue prints for the upcoming album brought Steve back to other musical roots. Influenced by progressive bands and artist like: Rush, Peter Gabriel, Saga but also New-Wave and avant-garde acts as David Sylvian, Talk Talk and (more current) Muse and Rammstein, the course was set for the project. Steef’s ability to combine pop based song writing with proggy and heavy elements seems to be the perfect material for LSOE. Along the process, a strong desire came up to work with other musicians who were willing to co-write on the album so Steef invited a few guest musicians he met on the road the past years. Canadian guitarist Kelly Kereliuk (Prismind, NEGUS, Simphinity) contributed his skills on the 2018 single “Tower” and Paul Crezee (Blue Labelled, Dilemma) signed for the guitar tracks on the album song “A Window”. Also fellow Dilemma member Robin Z. contributed a keyboard solo for an album track as well. The more the shape of this project took place, the more it became required to involve solid band members for consistency and performance.

This resulted into the corporation with bass player Erik Besselsen (Autoplay) and former band buddy and long life friend of Steef: Erik van der Vlis (Steve Brooke & The Waterfrond, Blue Labelled, Dilemma). Although Van der Vlis is quite known as a bass player for other bands, nowadays he is the guitarist for LSOE. Both Erik’s are co-writing for the project and forming the solid core of LSOE together with Steef.  However Steef is the lead vocalist as well as the drummer, Kevin Brodie (Autoplay,) was added to the band to perform the live gigs as the main drummer.

A project based band

Last Son of Eve is a project based band. To prevent a certain oblivion after some time, LSOE will exist as long as needed in the current line-up. The goal is to release different concept albums and matching shows each time. The first concept album refers to the Fantasy story “Bodec” and can be seen as a pilot. Although LSOE will see how far this adventure will take them, there will be a beginning and an ending to the current concept. The band will pick up a new project if things are falling into place but more importantly: if the fun is still there to do so.

What’s in a name?      

Last Son of Eve has a two way explanation when it comes to the project’s name. The first one refers to Steef’s mother whose name is truly Eve. He is the seventh and last son out of seven boys. The other explanation is based on a more biblical theme. Last Son of Eve stands for the last generation in the pedigree of all mankind born out of Eve. The last line in the long string of generations who inherited the guilt of sin. Are we doomed by this condemnation or is there a way out of this?

A lot of lyrical content of the LSOE songs are based on that one million dollar question approached from different and recognizable angles.